“Bon♡Kyu♡Bon♡ ha Kare no Mono♡” – Sumire Uesaka MV Dropped!Spring 2019 anime “Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?” OP Theme Song

A Massive MV has been released in Otaku World. Spring 2019 “Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?” OP theme, its name is “Bon♡Kyu♡Bon♡ ha Kare no Mono♡”. Well it is really hard to tell you what “Bon♡Kyu♡Bon♡ ha Kare no Mono♡” means in English but you SENSE it, right?? This is something like “My whole body is yours”. Umm, it should be more than that. C’mon, What the hell is going on here in Japan? The charming voice actress Sumire Uesaka aka Sumipe DID it. When I saw a thumbnail and a title of this PV, thought it was something like MAD, but guys, it is OFFICIAL. And it is full size video of almost 5 minutes. What a job done by Sumipe . Is the voice actress nowadays doing this far? It’s too sexy! King Records you are doing well! Where is the censorship on YouTube? You are cute when hair is up! If a boy finds a porn by the river, it is definitely the sense of Japanese middle-aged guys. And the popular voice actor is completely treated as a porn. Amazing. Geek kids who have a smartphone will be playing this video every night. The song is also […]

Anime Movie “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Battle of Unato” Main PV Dropped!On screen from May 10th in Japan!Also available on Netflix & Amazon Prime Video!!

Are you a man or a kabane or a kabaneri? A sequel to “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” (2016), depicting the battle between humans and immortal monsters and Kabane on the stage of the Industrial Revolution era. Finally the main PV is dropped! ! Our “kabaneri” is back! I am a huge fan of “Kabaneri” , so I am really glad that the sequel is completed. I have been waiting for three years! “Kabaneri” was a very high-quality, great animation, with drawing, directing, art, character design, voice actors, stories, accompaniment, and OPED themes. God anime to say the least. It is not inferior at all even if we watch now in 2019. It is one of the works that triggered me to immerse in animation world. At that time, I was impressed by the fact that drawings by Mikimoto moved so smooth. “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – Battle of Unato” is a completely new theatrical animation which pictured 6 months after the “Kabaneri” TV series. Have you all watched PV? I watched more than 10 times. Rokkonseijo!! What a great PV!! The final part where Mumei acrobatically moves the gun. WIT STUDIO, you are amazing!! And I am glad […]

Spring 2019 Anime”Sarazanmai” Main PV released!OP&ED Theme Song revealed!!

Actually I didn’t check this anime too often, but it looks like a very good anime indeed. The latest work “Sarazanmai” directed by the genius Kunihiko Ikuhara has been released. If you watched “MAWARU-PENGUINDRUM” (2011), you can tell in a single shot that “Sarazanmai” was made by Ikuhara. Although I have not watched “The Girl Revolution Utena” (1997) (I’m sorry), “MAWARU-PENGUINDRUM” is my all-time favorite animation. It is also a very difficult piece to talk about though. Both the script and the director always went up diagonally, and it was betrayed in a good sense every story. It is a mysterious and fascinating work that is very abstract but strong in time and message. This is not a story limited to animation, but works that can be interpreted in various ways by the recipient are the proof of great piece of art. By the way, this is “Sarazanmai”, but it has a story line where three junior high school boys meet a mysterious Kappa (one of Japanese Traditional monsters who lives in waterside) and the boys are transformed into Kappas, and they want them to return to human. Kunihiko Ikuhara is the Franz Kafka in the anime world. How is […]

Spring 2019 animation “Fairy gone” PV Dropped!

PV of original Spring 2019 animation “Fairy gone” by P.A.WORKS has been released. PA recently made more serious anime in “Sirius the Jaeger” in Summer 2018 as it is, they may find themselves to make an anime of this taste. I feel like the youth thing has completely done in “Irozuku: The World in Colors” of the autumn 2018. Irozuku was a very high quality wonderful animation. It was a great ending. By the way, for “Fairy gone” music production is (K) NoW_NAME. Release of OP & ED theme is 4/24. I still remember “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash” (2016) was good when (K) NoW_NAME did music production. It seems that the feeling of watching the PV is a theme of war. The fantasy element of the fairy is mixed there. The battle scene is also good, but I would like P.A.’s special human drama to be included. It is likely to be a hard-line anime. Character design is also my favorite. the girl with glasses is particularly good. Can they surpass Sirius? I am looking forward to it. The broadcast will start from April 7th. I would love to have it on Netflix too. ©2019 Five fairy scholars / […]