Winter 2019

Zettai Zetsumei / Lamp – Cö shu Nie “The Promised Neverland” ED

Well this is the strong candidate for the Best Song of 2019 Winter Anime. It is “Zettai Zetsumei” / “Lamp” by the progressive rock band Cö shu Nie who was in charge of the ED of the anime “The Promised Neverland”. Cö shu Nie are doing something really aggressive! I am surprised that there are people in Japan who play such music. I remembered the American rock band called The Mars Volta. By the way, the first impression of “Zettai Zetsumei” was the base line that goes extremely wild. The main part of the anime has a thriller element, and from that reason the intro of that bad-ass bass matches quite a lot. The following piano riffs sounds good too. And that melody of the chorus part. Where the hell that idea come from, Cö shu Nie? For those of you who are not listening please listen once. You feel somewhat uneasy don’ you. This song strikes in the atmosphere of “The Promised Neverland”. And from 9 episodes ED suddenly changes to the song called “Lamp”. This is yet again a super cool song. It is a song that you can see the lamp of hope compared to “Zettai Zetsumei”. […]

“Memosepia / Gray” – sajou no hana (2019/03)『Mob Phycho 100 II』 ED

sajou no hana is good, eh? A project launched by Sho Watanabe, a composer who worked on songs such as LiSA and ClariS. I have been a fan from the ED “Hoshie” of the animation “Sirius the Jaeger” produced by PA Works in 2018. This time, it looks like “Memosepia / Gray” on both sides. Sana’s vocal is sajouno hana’s appealing point . The way of singing is my favorite food. Don’t sing too much. All songs will be heard nostalgically. The sophisticated band sound is also cool. The quality of the music is very high. In terms of sound, I think that the heart of “Memosepia” sound is electric guitar and drums. There is a feeling of speeding. I can’t play this quick in drumming! How far does Anison’s tempo go up? The bass line is quite interesting too at chorus. “Memosepia” is also good, but honestly “Gray” felt more like sajou no hana to me. It is a music that the scene comes to mind. I think this poetic and quiet atmosphere is unique to sajou no hana. The flow of Verse-Bridge-Chorus is very beautiful. The last robotic voice also impresses me a lot. It is also interesting […]

Kimi no Namae – Chiai Fujikawa (2018/12) “Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari” ED

Chiai Fujikawa sang an ED for the anime series “Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari” aka ”The Rising of the Shield Hero” Ending Theme. It looks like she is from some idol group. The song is very good indeed!She sings the solid connection between the hero Naofumi and the heroine Raphtalia. Raphtalia looks Kawaii for ED picture of a ranch of girls’ age. A straight raw music ballad is a bit unusual in modern Anime songs. But it sounds so good.. It draws our attention when the vocals are overlapped by octaves at the verse. The strings and acoustic guitar are sound good too. If you look at credit carefully Arrangement: Ryutaro Fujinaga (Elements Garden) Isn’t there? It is that music creator group. If you think that it is a good song to watch anime, Elements Garden bites a bit with an odd probability. I think there is. This “Kimi no Namae” is also a great arrangement. As an aside, I will write an article someday because I love Yanagi-san’s “Rainy Veil”, a song by Elements Garden. However, thanks to the heroine Raphalia, I am a bit of Kemono-girl lover . The characters played by voice actor Asami Seto are generally […]

always – Arisa Takigawa (2019/03) Domestic na Kanojo ep. 8 Special ED

Thank you very much, it is Animachi, the supporter’s group of Hina. Did you watch, Domekano Episode 8? It was so beautiful that I felt it was a final story for a moment. Then I realized There is no end with this. By the way, it is “always” which took by the special ED of Domekano 8 episode, but it is recorded as a coupling of “Wagamama” of normal ED. It is a beautiful but bitter ballad that takes on the best scenes. At the moment of going into the rust, it was directed to black out and shift to the end credit, and the bird’s face became standing. The code is probably the famous Kanon progression. The lyrics are also like a letter from Hina to Natsuo. It was the moment the No. 1 heroine of this season was decided. I thought that in the A part, Natsuo did something quite crazy, but I think that it was not only the author that I felt that I had seen a very pure and pure love thing because 8 episodes were very beautiful and finished. Anyway, why is the lock on this house so loose? And wait. what. The Hina […]

Gotoubun no Kimochi – Nakanoke no Itsutsugo (2019/01) Gotoubun no Hanayome OP

An OP song of anime “Gotoubun no Hanayome” by luxurious female voice actors (Hanazawa Kana, Takedachi Ayana, Miku Ito, Ayane Sakura, Inori Minase). Come on. The direction that five-girls calls the main character’s name @ intro. If you thought that it was only an Anime OP, the release sound stays the same. When listening with the headphones, each voice steadily panned from left to right. It is a great Mix. Thanks to your eyes closed, the appearance of the five-girls appears on the back of the eyelids. Your ears will be happy. Uesugi-kun · Futaro-kun (the name of the main character of this work) throughout Japan is envious and trembling. I would have used it for the alarm every morning if my name was Uesugi. As a song is a kawaii song of the royal road. kawaii is justice. kawaii is a world common language. After all the OP of love comedy must be this! It feels bustling. Refrain of rustling chorus is catchy and it is very kawaii. I feel like humming. Did you hear it? Is this a peach village or What? I guess the author is Miku. It’s good to have Choroin falling down in 2 episodes […]

Wagamama – Arisa Takigawa (2019/03) Domestic na Kanojo ED

Wagamama is a Medium Ballad by singer-songwriter Arisa Takigawa. She is in charge of Domestic na Kanojo ED theme. I can only hear this song as Hina’s Song. Sorry for Rui! When I first listened to it I did not hit that far in myself, but I noticed that it was a good song while I continued watching animation. I can not skip this ED anymore. Diomedea ‘s drawing is also enthralled. Unlike anime ver., The impression is different when listening full. I think the bridge which made spaces in the rhythm singularly is a point. I can hear the harmonies beautifully and play a part in the excitement of rust. String squad who can hear everywhere is also doing a good job. There is no flashy, but if you listen it you will hear a taste like a sourme song. Arisa, you can play drums too! The first chapter of the clasp of the rust “Do not look at me” and “Do not look at me” have been messed up with the domocano. Which way should you look at this way neither? Is not it a unique point of view for female songwriters? I am sorry in the shochaku, […]

shadowgraph – MYTH & ROID (2019/02) Boogiepop wa Warawanai OP

He did it again! Tom-H@ck’s project MYTH & ROID’s new song “shadowgraph”. Wow, “Boogiepop wa Warawanai” When I heard it for the first time in episode 1 OP, I was shaking. What a cool song. I just want you to listen without saying anything this time. I want you to enjoy the MYTH & ROID world. It’s like a foreign psycho thriller movie. Even if you look at the comment field, there are many writes from overseas. Are Anime Songs also globalized? Have you heard this sort of chorus melody? I never have before. Intro synth sequence and strings sound so good. I believe it is cello. And what about the overlapping of Deep House beat and Kihow’s singing voice. I never thought Cello fits Deep House like this! Mayu, the former singer, was nice, but Kihow is also doing great job here. In Mix, I must say MYTH & ROID is unusual in Japan because they place the vocals a bit behind. They are confident on the instrumental side too. This precisely constructed dark worldview. They made themselves so distinct, and this is a genre called MYTH & ROID. I wonder what kind of idea Tom-H @ ck have […]