Introduction – The Beauty of Anime Songs : Why they are the Best Japanese Music


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English is not my native language so I use Online Translator on this website , not only this page but for other articles too, as it saves lots of my time. I run this website all by myself. It would appear a bit strange, but I appreciate your understandings.

I was a huge fan of music in general since I was a kid and became an Anime otaku for three years.

Since childhood, Japanese sub culture has become familiar and, of course, I have also seen some Anime. But I was not an Anime otaku to see Anime every week.

It was video streaming service that became a standard in recent years, which lead me to the World of Anime. I am a member of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video. Today we are living in the era that thousands of videos, including Anime, are available at a fixed price and can be watched as you like.

I watched through lots of Anime works via those video streaming service.

I realized Anime Songs are the Best Japanese Music.

While I am a music lover other than classical music such as Jazz, HipHop, Soul, Electronica etc., I came to the conclusion that Anime Songs are the Best with respect to the current Japanese music scene. Clearly musically-talented people come in the Anime Songs world a lot.

Music is overflowing in the streets. Even if you turn on the TV, they are just like the same artists and idols. . It is difficult to search by yourself. .

What should I listen to? How can I learn about new Japanese artists? What is cool and fashionable Japanese music? How can I check the cutting edge of Japanese music scene?

The answer is: Listen to Anime Songs.

An example is Kenshi Yonezu the best selling Japanese Artist/track-maker in 2018 with the smash-hit song called lemon. Here are the Anime Songs he offered in 2017.

Orion – “Lion of March” ending theme

Peace Sign – “My Hero Accademia” Opening Theme

Uchiage Hanabi– “Fireworks, looking down from? Will you see it from the side?” Theme Song

Another example is King Gnu, one of the most dynamic Japanese rock bands at the moment, was in charge of ED of the legendary girl ‘s cartoon “Banana Fish” with music “Prayer X” in the summer of 2018. They can be partly labeled as Anime Song band.

If you give an example like this you can not tell you that there is nothing to offer to the current Anime Songs that Japanese top artists and creators are offering songs. By dragging the antenna to Anime Songs for a while, you can quickly find “Interesting” Japanese music.

In addition, not being caught in a certain genre is also a feature of recent Anime Songs.

Pops to ballads, rock, idle songs, EDM, R & B, jazz. .

It is the chaotic state in which everything is mixed and this is also the beauty of Anime Songs.

Anime Songs are cool

Anime Songs are fashionable

Anime Songs are the Best Japanese Music

○ ○ is not an artist for Anime!

Do not call ΔΔ as a Anime band!

I heard that those voices saying like this, But Once you provide songs to Animes you are Anime artists & Anime band.

As you can see, this website is filled with my own dogmas and prejudices but I appreciate your understandings.

For the time being, I would like to write about Anime theme songs.

I’d be happy if those who usually listen to Anime Songs enjoy it and also others who are not familiar with Anime Songs enjoy it too.

2019/03/05 Animachi!