Netflix New Original Anime “ULTRAMAN” is damn so Good!!【Are you on Netflix yet?】

Netflix New Original Anime “ULTRAMAN” is damn so Good!!【Are you on Netflix yet?】

This is no longer an anime, we should call it a Film .

Netflix original animation “ULTRAMAN” which was released from April 1 when the new era of Reiwa was announced in Japan. The director is the strongest tag of “Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C.” Kenji Kamiyama x “APPLESEED” Shinji Aramaki. The original Manga is in popular in monthly magazine called Heroes. As I watched up to 4 episodes immediately, I will introduce the highlight without spoiling as much as possible.

I use a term Ultraman as old SFX, and ULTRAMAN as the new Netflix CG anime.

I have seen Ultraman when I was very small, of course I do not remember the contents. The memories of having parents buy Ultraman dolls are something I recall from Ultraman. Still, there is something exciting when you hear the power word called the Spacium Beam. You know Japanese boys, right?

Although it is me not very familiar with Ultraman, I enjoyed Netflix “ULTRAMAN” a lot. I started watching Ultraman feeling nostalgic, like “Oh Ultraman huh?? Just give it a shot”. But once I started watching it, I realized I had finished watching 4 episodes right away.

A completely new science fiction anime based on the original SFX Ultraman, that is “ULTRAMAN”. The big difference with SFX one is that ULTRAMAN does not grow big. Equipped with a strengthening suit, and using so called Ultraman factor to further enhance the physical ability of humans, ULTRAMAN set to fight against evil aliens nestling in the earth. The design of ULTRAMAN is a bit of MARVEL’s Ironman, but ULTRAMAN is by far the better look to me.

Ultraman | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The blinking sound when Ultraman’s time is almost up is also reproduced perfectly. Oh no, I get real nostalgic.

As we saw in the official trailer, “ULTRAMAN” is produced with full 3DCG animation. I was overwhelmed by the extremely smooth and beautiful images. I was amazed that the current 3DCG technology has evolved to this point. There is no such thing as “a background is good but drawing humans in CG are not good enough” . The expression of the character is rich and quite realistic. Ultraman and Bemler are looking fantastic in CG, and CG matches SF in the first place. Netflix is spending tons of money on this show!!

ULTRAMAN was produced by Production I. G × SOLA DIGITAL ARTS. The credits of the production team, including the director tag I mentioned earlier, are extremely gorgeous. No doubt the top CG animators in Japan are making use of cutting-edge technology, and thus producing this amazing Anime show.

I wrote a lot so far, but what I want to claim here is;

Go watch “ULTRAMAN”. Because it is an absolutely stunning piece of Japanese 3DCG Anime.

Speaking of the original SFX Ultraman, the animation of the SFX Gridman of Tsuburaya Production was a great success in fall 2018, and I think it’s still going to revive the good-old SFX into new video works like this ULTRAMAN in the future. It is also possible to gain new fans who have not touched on old SFX until now.

For now, if you are not yet on Netflix, join now to watch ULTRAMAN. Of course anime lovers can enjoy the anime but also film lovers. ULTRAMAN should be a big achievement for the huge ultraman fan from the old days.

©Eiichi Shimizu,Tomohiro Shimoguchi