Mabushii DNA Dake – Zutto Mayonaka de iinoni(2019/02)

Mabushii DNA Dake – Zutto Mayonaka de iinoni(2019/02)

Zutto Mayonaka de iinoni (aka Zutomayo) is unfortunately not an Anime Song artist.

However, I believe that an Anime tie-up will come in the near future, so I will write an article here to claim I was right when it is realized. However, because their PV is animation, I believe Zutomayo is already a half the Anime Song artist.

Well, if you’re a core Japanese music fan, you already know, an artist who appeared on YouTube last year like Comet ” Zutto Mayonaka de iinoni “. The author was overwhelmed by its mysterious MV and lyrics, elaborate arrangements, highly addictive voices and, in a nutshell, the overall quality of the music. They are doing various things without being tied to the genre. Leading creators are gathering to produce Zutomayo.

ACANe., Who is in charge of songwriting, is not a successor to the Japanese pop music world Empress Shiina Ringo. The song is rich in variety, and I believe she can offer much more.

What a great sensibility she has in her pocket.

The latest song is Jazz / Hip-hop tone. It’s really cool. This time she put in a lap in verse. It’s a rap or should I say talking. But it is good anyway.
After the talking part is over, it becomes really jazzy at once when the wah of the guitar enters. I was drawn here every time and I listen to it until the end. It might be the best arrangement that competes for one or two among the high-quality “Zutomayo” songs ever. I do not get bored at all.


I bought the 1st mini-album called “Tadashii Ituwari karano Kisho” of course. Personally, this was the best Japanese album of 2018.

I like all six songs, but I especially like “Kimigaite Mizu ni Naru” to decorate the last of the album. It is a good song that has a bitter and sweet finish. I say twice because it is important, but I like how she sing and her voice. Of course the sound is also fantastic, but it feels so good to listen to her vocal. A sense of transparency and sexiness coexist. It is a masterpiece. Her treble is far too great and I do not get tired of listening her voice.

Zutomayo, Please sing Anime Song. We are all waiting for you to show up in Anime world.