always – Arisa Takigawa (2019/03) Domestic na Kanojo ep. 8 Special ED

always – Arisa Takigawa (2019/03) Domestic na Kanojo ep. 8 Special ED

Thank you very much, it is Animachi, the supporter’s group of Hina.

Did you watch, Domekano Episode 8? It was so beautiful that I felt it was a final story for a moment. Then I realized There is no end with this.

By the way, it is “always” which took by the special ED of Domekano 8 episode, but it is recorded as a coupling of “Wagamama” of normal ED.

It is a beautiful but bitter ballad that takes on the best scenes. At the moment of going into the rust, it was directed to black out and shift to the end credit, and the bird’s face became standing. The code is probably the famous Kanon progression. The lyrics are also like a letter from Hina to Natsuo.

It was the moment the No. 1 heroine of this season was decided.

I thought that in the A part, Natsuo did something quite crazy, but I think that it was not only the author that I felt that I had seen a very pure and pure love thing because 8 episodes were very beautiful and finished. Anyway, why is the lock on this house so loose?

And wait. what. The Hina PV was out from the official. Sit back and watch all the Hina lovers.

TVアニメ「ドメスティックな彼女」橘陽菜Special PV

Hina’s character song is good too! Thank you very much, Yoko Higasa.

Actually I read the original comics, so I know the deployment, but I think that the original fan is also an animation of consent. (I’m from Anime though)

It was a life that I just wanted to live with my sister-in-law and her sister-in-law like Hina. . What a woman she is.

How far do you do in anime series? I cannot keep my eyes off of this anime.