Zettai Zetsumei / Lamp – Cö shu Nie “The Promised Neverland” ED

Zettai Zetsumei / Lamp – Cö shu Nie “The Promised Neverland” ED

Well this is the strong candidate for the Best Song of 2019 Winter Anime. It is “Zettai Zetsumei” / “Lamp” by the progressive rock band Cö shu Nie who was in charge of the ED of the anime “The Promised Neverland”.

Cö shu Nie are doing something really aggressive! I am surprised that there are people in Japan who play such music. I remembered the American rock band called The Mars Volta.

By the way, the first impression of “Zettai Zetsumei” was the base line that goes extremely wild. The main part of the anime has a thriller element, and from that reason the intro of that bad-ass bass matches quite a lot. The following piano riffs sounds good too. And that melody of the chorus part. Where the hell that idea come from, Cö shu Nie?

For those of you who are not listening please listen once.

Cö shu Nie – 絶体絶命 (Official Video) / “約束のネバーランド” ED

You feel somewhat uneasy don’ you. This song strikes in the atmosphere of “The Promised Neverland”.

And from 9 episodes ED suddenly changes to the song called “Lamp”. This is yet again a super cool song. It is a song that you can see the lamp of hope compared to “Zettai Zetsumei”. The lyrics are also positive. But as always, the song is really progressive as hell. Especially the rhythm sections, Cö shu Nie must have a great musical technique. What’s going on with the beat in the second half of the chorus? I also like the melodious guitar at the bridge.

Cö shu Nie – Lamp (Official Video / Short Edit ) / “約束のネバーランド” ED

I feel lyrical delicacy even in this intensity.

In Japan, it seems that the band is not seeking the public interest but it seems to be a big hit with Japanese and overseas Otaku people who are watching whole lot anime. Undoubtedly, Miku Nakamura, the singer, who mainly creates Cö shu Nie’s music has true musical talent. Can you play guitar to lyrics, compositions, signings, pianos? She has a stunning talent.

The length of the song is also quite unusual at this time as short as about two and a half to three minutes only. You can see the uncompromising attitude of doing what they want to do.

The Anime “The Promised Neverland” is indeed very interesting. Each episode has a good end to make people think they wanna watch the show again next time. The original Manga is a weekly Shonen Jump, but in a good sense it’s a totally non-Jump style. So far 11 episodes now, but the end of whole sage is yet to be seen at all. I can not wait for the episodes beyond the Anime series and I may put my hand on the original.

Cö shu Nie is a band I really want to watch live. It must be a cool stage without complaints.

Anime Songs is really interesting. Cö shu Nie is the another reason why Anime Songs are the best Japanese Music.

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