[Song Review] Umi no Yurei (Ghost of the Sea) / Kenshi Yonezu “Children of the Sea” Main Theme

[Song Review] Umi no Yurei (Ghost of the Sea) / Kenshi Yonezu “Children of the Sea” Main Theme

Even if it has not passed two weeks from reveal, this music video was played more than 18,000,000 times. That is a tremendous number. The long-awaited new song of Kenshi Yonezu is the main theme song of an animation movie “Children of the Sea”. The song called “Ghost of the Sea”.

You can hear the song in the official MV↓

米津玄師 MV「海の幽霊」

One of the first things I thought about it was that it was super difficult to sing with the pitch going up and down. Sadly I cannot sing on the original pitch..

With the song being the main theme of the movie, it became music that focused a lot on the singing itself and the orchestral sound. It is a magnificent yet beautiful ballad. In terms of sound, the piano and the strings are emphasized so as not to get in the way of vocals. It is really cinematic arrange. You can also hear sounds like dolphins call in the interlude. I felt like healing effect is there for taking with amazing Yonezu voice along with the dolphins crying.

How to build Chorus is a word of style. The melodic and dramatic vocals of Yonezu Kenshi overflows like a waterfall with the sound of orchestra. So emotional. Then after, the beautiful ending of the chorus sounds like a calm at the night sea.

But I believe the Verse part is as good as the chorus. I was drawn by such a strong melody line, that has power to stop people and keep them listening to the song. I am wondering how many voices are piled up? I feel Yonezu’s pure commitment to the sound, including his own vocal making.

It is a cinematic ballad that is totally astonishingly sophisticated. As MV is also insanely good, I can expect a big success of this anime movie “Children of the Sea”. No matter what the expectation value of the movie is, there seems to be a lot of people who go to the cinema just to listen to Yonezu new song. He is THAT popular in Japan. This coming 2019 summer animation movie also features Shinkai Makoto’s “Weathering With You”, so there is lots of competition here. However, this “Children of the Sea” will increase box office income. Because the MV and the theme song by Yonezu Kenshi are surprisingly well made. It looks like it’s also going to get popular in foreign film festivals.

“Children of the Sea” is on screening since June 7 in Japan.

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