shadowgraph – MYTH & ROID (2019/02) Boogiepop wa Warawanai OP

shadowgraph – MYTH & ROID (2019/02) Boogiepop wa Warawanai OP

He did it again! Tom-H@ck’s project MYTH & ROID’s new song “shadowgraph”.

Wow, “Boogiepop wa Warawanai” When I heard it for the first time in episode 1 OP, I was shaking. What a cool song.

I just want you to listen without saying anything this time. I want you to enjoy the MYTH & ROID world.

MYTH & ROID「shadowgraph」Music Clip long

It’s like a foreign psycho thriller movie. Even if you look at the comment field, there are many writes from overseas. Are Anime Songs also globalized?

Have you heard this sort of chorus melody? I never have before.

Intro synth sequence and strings sound so good. I believe it is cello. And what about the overlapping of Deep House beat and Kihow’s singing voice. I never thought Cello fits Deep House like this! Mayu, the former singer, was nice, but Kihow is also doing great job here.

In Mix, I must say MYTH & ROID is unusual in Japan because they place the vocals a bit behind. They are confident on the instrumental side too.

This precisely constructed dark worldview. They made themselves so distinct, and this is a genre called MYTH & ROID.

I wonder what kind of idea Tom-H @ ck have in his head when making songs. Please tell me!

It matches the highest with the dark animation OP image. Although I have not read the original Boogiepop novel, the VS Imaginator series were very well-made. Masaki, you are a really nice guy…

And I even think that the Boogiepop Anime always leave us good impression because this OP song flows every time.

Has anyone listen to Deep House in Anime Song? MYTH & ROID are so aggressive.

It is really a genius of Tom-H@ck. shadowgraph is my favorite after Re: zero’s Paradisus-Paradoxum. I think shadowgraph is a almost perfect song that can only be made by Tom-H@ck.

Please give me a new album soon, please Tom-H@ck!

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