“Memosepia / Gray” – sajou no hana (2019/03)『Mob Phycho 100 II』 ED

“Memosepia / Gray” – sajou no hana (2019/03)『Mob Phycho 100 II』 ED

sajou no hana is good, eh? A project launched by Sho Watanabe, a composer who worked on songs such as LiSA and ClariS. I have been a fan from the ED “Hoshie” of the animation “Sirius the Jaeger” produced by PA Works in 2018. This time, it looks like “Memosepia / Gray” on both sides.

Sana’s vocal is sajouno hana’s appealing point . The way of singing is my favorite food. Don’t sing too much. All songs will be heard nostalgically. The sophisticated band sound is also cool. The quality of the music is very high.

【sajou no hana】「メモセピア」(TVアニメ「モブサイコ100 Ⅱ」エンディングテーマ)

In terms of sound, I think that the heart of “Memosepia” sound is electric guitar and drums. There is a feeling of speeding. I can’t play this quick in drumming! How far does Anison’s tempo go up? The bass line is quite interesting too at chorus.

“Memosepia” is also good, but honestly “Gray” felt more like sajou no hana to me. It is a music that the scene comes to mind. I think this poetic and quiet atmosphere is unique to sajou no hana. The flow of Verse-Bridge-Chorus is very beautiful. The last robotic voice also impresses me a lot.

It is also interesting to have two songs of this static (grey) and dynamic (Memosepia) on both sides. It seems that the contrast of the two songs produces a synergistic effect and enhances each other’s songs.

I thought I wrote that sajou no hana, a little like that legendary noise rock band My Bloody Valentine. Even though MBV also belongs to rock genre, it is so nostalgic somewhere and various images are evoked inside myself.

I generally feel that they are playing pretty much distinctive sound in the Anime Song world. I’m waiting for the release because I want to listen to the full album by all means. It should be acceptable at all outside the anison world. I want more people to listen all over the world.

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