Spring 2019 animation “Fairy gone” PV Dropped!

Spring 2019 animation “Fairy gone” PV Dropped!

PV of original Spring 2019 animation “Fairy gone” by P.A.WORKS has been released. PA recently made more serious anime in “Sirius the Jaeger” in Summer 2018 as it is, they may find themselves to make an anime of this taste. I feel like the youth thing has completely done in “Irozuku: The World in Colors” of the autumn 2018. Irozuku was a very high quality wonderful animation. It was a great ending.

By the way, for “Fairy gone” music production is (K) NoW_NAME. Release of OP & ED theme is 4/24.

I still remember “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash” (2016) was good when
(K) NoW_NAME did music production.

It seems that the feeling of watching the PV is a theme of war. The fantasy element of the fairy is mixed there. The battle scene is also good, but I would like P.A.’s special human drama to be included.

TVアニメ『Fairy gone フェアリーゴーン』PV

It is likely to be a hard-line anime. Character design is also my favorite. the girl with glasses is particularly good. Can they surpass Sirius? I am looking forward to it.

The broadcast will start from April 7th. I would love to have it on Netflix too.

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