Wagamama – Arisa Takigawa (2019/03) Domestic na Kanojo ED

Wagamama – Arisa Takigawa (2019/03) Domestic na Kanojo ED

Wagamama is a Medium Ballad by singer-songwriter Arisa Takigawa. She is in charge of Domestic na Kanojo ED theme.

I can only hear this song as Hina’s Song.

Sorry for Rui!

When I first listened to it I did not hit that far in myself, but I noticed that it was a good song while I continued watching animation. I can not skip this ED anymore. Diomedea ‘s drawing is also enthralled. Unlike anime ver., The impression is different when listening full.

I think the bridge which made spaces in the rhythm singularly is a point. I can hear the harmonies beautifully and play a part in the excitement of rust. String squad who can hear everywhere is also doing a good job. There is no flashy, but if you listen it you will hear a taste like a sourme song.

瀧川ありさ 『わがまま』Music Video Short Ver.

Arisa, you can play drums too!

The first chapter of the clasp of the rust “Do not look at me” and “Do not look at me” have been messed up with the domocano. Which way should you look at this way neither?

Is not it a unique point of view for female songwriters?

I am sorry in the shochaku, but I learned about Mr. Arisa Takigawa from DOMECANO.

Oh, it’s good to hear Anime Song! I did not know it if I did not listen to Anime Song!

If you have a second domecano period please do not hesitate to contact us again!

Selfish Juliet (1986) – BOOWY
Sad selfishness (2000) – Wyolica
Wagamama MIRROR HEART (2017) – Ayaka Ohashi

Suddenly it is Japan’s three big selfish songs that the author chooses. Will it be in the form that Mr. Arisa Takigawa joined here this time.

They are all good songs, please listen!

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