Spring 2019 Anime”Sarazanmai” Main PV released!OP&ED Theme Song revealed!!

Spring 2019 Anime”Sarazanmai” Main PV released!OP&ED Theme Song revealed!!

Actually I didn’t check this anime too often, but it looks like a very good anime indeed. The latest work “Sarazanmai” directed by the genius Kunihiko Ikuhara has been released.

If you watched “MAWARU-PENGUINDRUM” (2011), you can tell in a single shot that “Sarazanmai” was made by Ikuhara. Although I have not watched “The Girl Revolution Utena” (1997) (I’m sorry),
“MAWARU-PENGUINDRUM” is my all-time favorite animation. It is also a very difficult piece to talk about though. Both the script and the director always went up diagonally, and it was betrayed in a good sense every story. It is a mysterious and fascinating work that is very abstract but strong in time and message. This is not a story limited to animation, but works that can be interpreted in various ways by the recipient are the proof of great piece of art.

By the way, this is “Sarazanmai”, but it has a story line where three junior high school boys meet a mysterious Kappa (one of Japanese Traditional monsters who lives in waterside) and the boys are transformed into Kappas, and they want them to return to human.
Kunihiko Ikuhara is the Franz Kafka in the anime world.


How is this worldview flying around? The town of Asakusa also feels good.

A catch copy of “Don’t let your desire go, it is your life” is impressing.

The theme song is KANA-BOON for OP and the peggies for ED. I think the peggies is especially well-suited to this anime. Especially her fluffy voice. Autumn anime Aobuta OP “Kimi no Sei” by the peggies was very good too.

Broadcasting will start at Noitamina and other stations on April 11. Along with Carole & Tuesday, “Sarazanmai” is the top 2 spring anime expectations. I am so hyped!!

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