【Year of 2019】Cool & Moody!Special Feature on Jazz×Anime Song!!

【Year of 2019】Cool & Moody!Special Feature on Jazz×Anime Song!!

Jazz × Anime Song special feature that jazzy anison favorite Animachi sends! Choose jazz songs from the original songs rather than so-called jazz arrangements! It’s mainly songs with a singer but there are also instrumental songs. People who don’t usually listen to jazz may have an esoteric image of jazz, but don’t worry because it’s so easy to listen to any song and so cool. I think that the song introduced this time is good as an entrance to jazz. And for all the jazzy enthusiasts, there are jazz in Anime Songs! “Lupin The 3rd Theme” and “Tank!” are so famous that I have omitted this time. Well, Spike is there for the eye-catch image as he is the most stylish Anime character I believe. Anyway, let’s go to the world of Jazz × Anime Song!

※アイキャッチ画像:『カウボーイ・ビバップ』OPより ©Sunrise

DOWN TOWN – Maaya Sakamoto

“Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru” OP theme. A cover song of Sugar Babe. It sounds more like SKA Jazz. So fashionable. Maaya is so gorgeous too.

©Victor Entertainment, Inc.

Your Voice – Rhodanthe*

“Kiniro Mosaic aka Kinmosa” ED song. Gorgeous jazz number sung by five heroines. It’s Swing Jazz. The original song is Takeshi Nakatsuka & Asako Toki. I would like to evaluate that this song was covered by the ED of one of Kirara anime.

©Victor Entertainment, Inc.

Recover Decoration – Kosaki Onodera (CV. Kana Hanazawa)

“Nisekoi”ED。Pop jazz that the show’s true heroine Onodera sings too cute. Sub-genre of jazz, Kawaii Jazz born here. Is there any other jazz character song so far? Your ears will be happy with whisper voice of Kana Hanazawa. The song is written & produced by Sho Watanabe of sajou no hana. You can listen the chorus from the video (from 0:23 to 0:45).


A Double Suicide – Megumi Hayashibara

“Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju” OP, written & produced by Shiina Ringo. There is a mysterious charm that many Shiina Ringo songs have. Megumi Hayashibara, one of the legendary voice actress, sings so well here.

©King Records

Deal with the devil – Tia

OP theme of “Kakegurui” 1st season。New masterpiece of the coolest jazzy anime song. Indeed this song could be the best song in this special feature article. Ryo , the composer / producer of EGOIST, can do anything really. It is a terrific sense. Tia’s vocal is also sexy & cute.

©Avex Inc.


“Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens” ED theme. It is a cool instrumental jazz by the up-and-coming jazz band TRI4TH. Super cool without complaints. There is a feeling of the masterpiece “Cowboy Bebop” OP song “Tank!”, as the video looks as stylish as hell.

©Warner Bros. Japan LLC

Bitter Sweet Harmony – Megumi Nakajima

“Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou” OP theme. It’s pretty jazzy and kawaii. This is just Jazz meets Anime Song. The songwriting & arrangement is done by kz. I had a digital or EDM image with kz from his ClariS songs, but he can do this kind of jazzy work. Thank you for the wonderful arrangement.

©Victor Entertainment, Inc.

Fukashigi no Carte – Mai Sakurajima (CV. Asami Seto)

“Aobuta” ED song. There are whole bunch of 6 versions in all, and this is Mai Sakurajima Senpai ver. The bridge piano that you can listen to in full song is the best jazzy moment of the song. The song arrangement is done by the instrumental jazz band fox capture plan. I write fashionable songs in style.


いかがでしょうか。正直ほかにも紹介したい曲いくつかあるのですが古い曲(『エヴァ』の「Fly Me To The Moon」や『BACCANO!』OP「Gun’s & Roses」等)だったりマニアックなキャラソン(ニセコイのヒロイン小野寺さんのリカバーデコレーション)だったりだと残念ながら公式動画が見つからず。今後もなにかあれば追加していこうと思います。

What do you think of those jazzy anisons. Honestly, there are some songs that I would like to introduce, but the old songs such as “Fly Me To The Moon” in Eva and “Gun’s & Roses” in BACCANO! etc. are unfortunately not found on official videos. I will try to add if there is anything in the future.

Animachi! who recently interested in the authentic Jazz Manga “BLUE GIANT” presented. I wonder if Director Shinichiro Watanabe and the “Kids on the Slope” team can make it animated some day.